Software Development

We build scalable cloud-based solutions and make apps that connect to them. We help businesses move their data to the cloud, add software capabilities, and develop digital products and services.

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Lolly Law (Web and Mobile App)
Client Bridge

Our Principles of Development

We are LEAN and MEAN

We pride ourselves on delivering value and matching your expectations. We will break your project out into prioritized components, and collaborate with you to iterate on the phases of design, build, and testing throughout the project. We don’t like surprises and want to show you what we’re working on every step of the way, and make sure it meets your business and user goals.


  • Our prioritized approach means we build the most important features first
  • We test early and often, ensuring we have launch-ready code as soon as possible
  • We communicate with stakeholders throughout the process


Our years of experience creating and supporting software products gives us superpowers. We love technology and want to bring modern solutions to your business. Our background in the Google Cloud and existing code-base means we can provide you with solutions today that integrate with GSuite and other cloud platforms.


  • Experienced developers that can handle enterprise technology
  • Small, lean team that can adjust to the rapidly-changing industry
  • Leading-edge techniques and approaches to enterprise content problem

Quality and Maturity

We’ve honed our skills in everything from discovery to deployment. Your project is not our first rodeo. We have years of experience documenting user, business, and technical requirements, and use iterative testing to make sure they’re met. We pride ourselves on delivering high value and quality work.

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  • Testing target devices and environments
  • Stakeholder and user approval process
  • User training and support resources