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The project overview

Youman, Madeo & Fasano, LLP has been growing and adding staff resources. The company had a goal to add capabilities that would bring additional efficiencies to certain processes, such as document management, and introduce cost savings. The stakeholders recognizes a growing risk that changes in the business environment will outpace the ability to update the software it uses or that additional labor inputs would be needed as a panacea for gaps in software functionality. The company has several options to improve its systems. The current scope of work is: document management, client data collection, consultation scheduling and queuing, and online payment collection.


A lack of innovative software options
We surveyed immigration law professionals and found that they were unhappy with other software options in the market due to slow updates, complicated user interface, and lack of innovative features.

Incoming Immigration reform
Estimated 2-7 million immigrants offered relief under executive order or  congressional immigration reform. Practicing immigration attorneys were gearing up for influx of customers; new market entrants will need software services to meet the demand.

Using modern development tools
This area had not seen a new software entry in almost 15 years. Like, back when you “burned” music to cd, printed MapQuest directions, and the yellow pages were still a thing. Simply building with new cutting-edge technology would deliver a solution that is super fast, fully customizable, and effortlessly scalable.


Immigration case management has it all, complex data architecture, massive form-sets, unique legal workflows, Federal regulations, and security requirements.  How we approach our projects has everything to do with the quality and consistency of our results.

We started by filling in our knowledge gaps with interviews, attorney think tanks, attending legal conferences, studying the market, and spent time observing.  We diagramed process flows, created user profiles, and built content libraries.

“You can observe a lot by watching.” -Yogi Berra

Research is always the foundation for the project plan.  From this, we are able to document planning assumptions and decisions, facilitate communication among project stakeholders, and define scope, cost, and timeline.  Our plans are detailed. We define the solution, data architecture, and core features.


During this phase, we recognized a bottleneck in content creation.  Immigration forms contain thousands of data-points, conditional questions, multiple-parties, and addendums.  In order to simplify the creation of content we developed specialized tools for our team to dynamically add fields to the database and build forms at the same time.  This freed up developer resources and allowed the support team to specialize in content.

We spent just enough time with attorneys and their staff to build empathy.  This understanding was the foundation of our aesthetically pleasing designs that are functional and provide a delightful experience for users.

The look-and-feel was crafted to be clear, match natural workflows, and load incredibly fast.  We designed for responsiveness, browser compatibility, and added graceful animations that provide visual cues and feedback.

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