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Save Time

Reduce Paper

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Send paper flying

Filling out forms on paper is slow and time-consuming.  Collecting paper forms and intakes creates redundant data-entry work.  In addition, it costs money to buy folders, print, and to store pages. Moving to paperless processes can save your business thousands of dollars a year.  Click here to read our article about the “Costs of Paper Processes.”

  • Does your data live in a file cabinet?
  • Are your processes complicated?
  • Do you struggle to communicate with customers?
  • Are you still collecting paper forms?
  • Are you paying for data entry?
  • Is your staff able to meet increased demand?

Our solution

We work with you to clarify business processes and automate them so that communication is better, insights are at your fingertips, and you can meet demand with the click of a button. When you on-board a customer, it is first impression. Let’s make it great.

Our portals work out-of-the-box and are compatible with platforms like Google, Amazon, and Microsoft. They can be easily extended with features like payment processing, notifications, reporting, scheduling and booking, app integrations and more.

We’ve done this a few times and can save you from common mistakes. If you are looking to invest in a portal product, or designing one of your own, you would do yourself a service to read on.

Why some portals fail
There are four things you can avoid when designing a portal.


If a problem is separating you from customers, don’t wait any longer.  Our solution bridges that gap and connects the dots between you and your market.  We help solve the problems that are keeping people from engaging with your brand and doing business with you.

  1. Eliminate paper costs immediately
  2. Automatically qualify and prioritize new leads with real-time metrics
  3. Automate critical sales funnels that work 24×7
  4. Provide clear and delightful customer on-boarding
  5. Reduce the need to hire additional staff
  6. Unlock data-driven insights that will lead to greater opportunities

Work with us

We are experts at delivering modern solutions in healthcare, education, and legal businesses.  We offer custom-fit solutions or configured our existing products to match your unique business.

We work fast and leverage from our existing technology.  We make native apps, progressive web apps, and larger custom solutions.  Once we’ve gathered and reviewed your requirements we’ll meet with you to deliver a timeline and schedule to work in.

No problem is too small and we rally for moonshot launches.  Call us now if your organization is looking to connect faster, communicate better, and go paperless.

Portal in action

For immigration businesses, Client Bridge is helping to reduce paper, save time, and provide new and existing clients a simple way to submit intakes, questionnaires, and to check case progress.

Due to USCIS requirements and signature policies, it is not possible to go completely paperless in an immigration office.  “Paper-light” is possible and results in quicker-time to qualify leads, on-board, and collect data from clients.

“Our paper intakes are extensive because we work to identify parties, qualify leads, and flag issues at or before scheduling a consult.  Client Bridge collects this data faster and provides me with a beautiful summary with highlighted points of interest.” – Angela Levesque, Attorney


“A lot of our clients struggle with technology, that’s why paper processes have always been easier, until Client Bridge.  Which is not only easy for our clients, but makes our staff more efficient.” – Miriam Sanchez, Paralegal


Client Bridge for immigration provides ready-to-use immigration intakes and on-boarding processes.  It integrates with Lolly Law Immigration Case Management and is available now. Contact sales@lollylabs.com for more information.

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